Unity among believers

Unity among believers

At the beginning of my service to Christ, I prayed to God for a long time asking that I want to serve Him.

I received an answer that led me to unity among Christians. I understood that God longed for a deep inner relationship with individuals and for unity among them.

I know God wants us to be one with each other.

Then I served evangelism in the Czech Republic for a long time and got into churches, Christian organizations, and Christian groups. I saw the problem of disunity between them. I was very hurt by the reluctance to cooperate with each other. I tried to unite them in a common service. But I didn’t get many results.

Then a Bible verse arose in my heart. The first believers had one heart and one soul.
I thought about it more and more. How people can unite at heart. I began to long for the communion of one heart.

Then I came to a vision of unity in the heart, in Christ, pure and focused on the God of Israel.
In 2022, a vision of great evangelizations opened up to me, which serves not only evangelization but unity among ministers. I expect the power of the Holy Spirit to unite. I have subdued the whole of JESUSFORYOU by this unity. And so Heart For Yeshua and JESUSFORYOU carry the same vision.