Prepare the way

What is the task of each of us? The answer will be given by a question.Do you really know Him? If not, prepare your heart for His entrance. Everything you lay aside for Him will be a draw closer to Him for you. Love gives it all. If you don’t love fully yet, you can’t […]

God is with us!

God is with us! His outspread wings protect the land. With His great power, the Lord warned me not to follow the road which the people were following.He said: “Do not join in the schemes of the people and do not be afraid of the things that they fear. Remember that I, the Lord Almighty, […]


The Bride story… She was born a poor girl who had lost what she had a right to.She was gorgeous and laughing. She was cheerful, though she had lost everything she had.But in the midst of her suffering, she received everything she needed for her destiny.Her destiny flowed through her veins, so no evil around […]

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