The Bride story…

She was born a poor girl who had lost what she had a right to.
She was gorgeous and laughing. She was cheerful, though she had lost everything she had.
But in the midst of her suffering, she received everything she needed for her destiny.
Her destiny flowed through her veins, so no evil around could overcome her.
Through all her sufferings, she never went astray.

Although she was small and vulnerable in the midst of a big evil world, she protected those
who were afraid. She had the strength to care for others.

Her heart is the gateway to the garden where she found Him. From the first moment, she fell in love with Him and gave Him her whole life. She chose to live for Him. And she sincerely loved Him.
She longed to give Him what no one had given Him. She lives for Him.

She won His heart. A deep love flared up. A love that burns like fire. Because of that love,
her heart was greater than the world.
He loved her so much that He gave His life for her. He died so that she could live.

When He left the world, He never left her, she has access to the garden through her heart,
and there she is with Him.

Through the times, she has not lost her love. SHE IS LOVE for Him.
During this time she is waiting for Him. She cries heartbreakingly for Him to come.
Her voice contains all the voices of those who love Him.

Their love overcomes the world.

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